Legato Day of Service – Maryland SPCA

Every year, the Legato Day of Service serves as an opportunity to step away from our day jobs and to give that time to a worthy cause or organization. This year, we chose to return to the Maryland SPCA.


The Maryland SPCA’s mission is to improve the lives of pets and people in the community. We are dedicated to helping both pets and people and to saving the lives of animals in the community.

Our adoption center adopts out more than 3,500 needy and unwanted pets each year. There is no time limit for an animal to stay in our care until he is adopted. Our staff and volunteers provide excellent care to the dogs and cats in need. Each pet receives medical care including neuter surgery, vaccinations, treatments, as well as TLC. Enrichment is also provided so that the animals have positive activities to reduce stress. The facility provides warmth and comfort while the pets await new homes.