Program/Project Requirements

The foundation of any successful program is the establishment and maintenance of a requirements baseline. Our strengths in systems engineering and program/project management lends itself to assuring that this foundation of requirements is meaningful, accurate, understood, documented, and executed against schedule.


At Legato we are technology agnostic. Our employees are trained and experienced in a wide variety of platforms, languages and engineering approaches. This provides the flexibility to create engineering options to form the best solution for a specific problem.

Core Capabilities

We ensure a match between our engineering resources and requirements. We strive to provide cleared technical resources with the right skill set, experience, attitude, and conformance to budgetary constraints to form a world-class engineering team.

Why Legato?

Music notesThe word Legato requires a musician to play a musical passage in a smooth and connected manner. We have taken this musical interpretation and applied it to the world of Information Technology. At Legato, we focus on making a strong connection, or “thread,” across program/project requirements, our corporate capabilities, and technology; thereby assuring successful outcomes for our customers.

Our Core Values

  • Customer: Customer satisfaction is paramount to the continued success and growth of our company.
  • Employee: Our employees are the key to our success.  We provide education and training opportunities to ensure that our employees stay current with the rapid advancement of technology.
  • Passion: We have a passion for our work.  This passion is inherent in everything we do, and breeds success in both the execution of Customer engagements and the company as a whole.
  • Commitment: We are committed to all aspects of our business. Customer satisfaction is not just limited to the successful performance of program engineering work, but also accurate and timely invoicing, and responsive contractual and security support.
  • Integrity: Integrity is a prominent principle across all of our business dealings.  We adhere to a strict code of truthfulness and honesty in all business interactions, to ensure consistency in our values, actions, expectations and outcomes.